League Guidelines - 2018

The WWSPL is affiliated with Slo-Pitch National (SPN) and Little Mountain Sportsplex (LMS) and adheres to the SPN rule book with the exception and/or addition of the following League Specific guidelines:


No alcohol will be allowed on the playing field area.  Additional regulations regarding consumption of alcohol will be enforced by field Umpires in accordance with Little Mountain Sportsplex. Please respect Complex Rules. Nobody is allowed to bring alcohol into LMS.


  • Game balls are 11 inches in circumference. Yellow Optic or White balls may be used. Both games balls must the same color. 
  • All bats adhere to the ASA approved bat list. Bats must be on the approved bat list and cannot be on the banned bat list. Any bat that does not have an ASA certified sticker is not permitted. 
  • The above bat rules are in place for this year only in WWSPL only. SPN bat rules that have come into effect in 2018 will be followed by WWSPL in 2019 and are being followed outside WWSPL in 2018.
  • We will be following using the Homeplate/strikemat rule (see Section 3B in the SPN rule book).  The use of this Homeplate/strikemat rule will make changes to the battersbox (see Section 11 in the SPN rule book).  The use of the Homeplate/strikemat rule will also make changes to what is a strike “a legally pitched ball that lands entirely or partially, on any part of the homeplate/strikemat” (see Section 76 in the SPN rule book).  The arc is to be between 6-12 feet (see Rule 6 Section 5b). 
  • Protective equipment (helmets, face protection) is strongly recommended but not required.


Uniforms are recommended for all games after June 1. A uniform is considered a top of similar style and color. Teams are encouraged to have uniform numbers on tops to assist in player identification.   


Greg McKay is the Umpire in Chief and arranges the umpires for our league.

The UIC shall determine if the weather conditions allow the games to be played (this is after Little Mountain has determined the complex is open for games). This decision will be made at the diamonds and will be communicated by the UIC to each team captain (can be fanned out via the umpires).

Umpires will ensure SPN & League rules are enforced. Any players not abiding by the rules may be ejected from the game. Any ejections will be referred to the WWSPL executive for review. Yes we’re there to have fun but we need to follow the rules and respect each other and the umpires.

Fees are to be paid to the umpire by each team at the rate of $15 per game (ie: double headers – each team pays $30 for the night)


It is the responsibility of the umpire to survey the game site and make a decision regarding the safety and playability of the field. 

The umpire shall have the final say as to whether or not the field is in playable condition before or during a game. Teams are reminded not to exert pressure on the umpire once he/she has rendered their decision.

The umpire will review out of play areas and any other field specific rules at the coaches meeting.

NOTE: Umpires are required to suspend play immediately when an electrical storm is in the area.


Teams are provided with game cards.  Each team will fill in a card for each game played with the first and last name of all players in the starting lineup as well as all substitutes. Teams are encouraged to include uniform numbers to assist in player identification.

A player may be listed as a substitute even if they are not present at the start of the game and may play when they arrive. No names may be added to the line-up card once the game begins. 

Upon completion of the game the umpire will return the scorecard to the winning team (if the double header is split the winner of game 2 will receive the game card).  Ensure the final score is indicated on these cards.

The winning team will turn the scorecards into the designated mailbox located inside the clubhouse at Little Mountain Sportsplex. Please make note of the final score incase a scorecard gets misplaced.

Note: It is not the responsibility of the umpires to turn in the scorecards.


The normal length of all games is six innings.  Games begin at 6:20pm. 

For all doubleheaders between the same two teams, the team listed on the League schedule as “home” shall be the home team for game #1 only. The team listed as “away” shall be the away team for game #1 and the home team for game #2

The first game of a doubleheader will end on or before 7:45 pm (the umpire is to call last inning at the start of the inning around 7:30pm).  If an inning is not completed at 7:45 pm, the score will be determined by the last complete inning.  The second game is to start after a 10 minute rest period (or 8pm at the latest).

The Umpire in Chief will signal for all diamonds the start of game 1 (6:20pm) and the last inning of game 1 (7:30pm).  

These 2 points prior are extremely important to follow during the single game round robin.

During regular season play a double header will not exceed 6 full innings. A team may be awarded a win/loss/tie based on the last full inning of play. 

A complete game may be called, by the umpire, dependent on weather conditions or darkness after four innings. Any regular season game called by the umpire due to weather/darkness will revert to the last full inning to determine win/loss/tie.


There is a maximum of 7 runs scored per inning EXCEPT for the 6th inning of play.  The 6th inning of play is an “open” inning for both teams. This rule applies to regular season games only.


Mercy rule for all regular season games is in effect. First game of a doubleheader will end on or before 7:45 pm. 15 run mercy rule after 4th or 10 run mercy rule after 5th inning.

This rule applies to regular season games – see “Playoffs rule” for playoffs mercy rule


Teams are allowed to play with 9, 10 or 11 players. Both teams do not have to play the same amount of players (9 players – auto out, 10 players – regular batting order, 11 players – extra player).  You may only place a maximum of 10 players on the field.

Team captains may agree to waive the auto out rule during regular season games.  During playoffs the auto out rule must be applied.


If you start a game with 10 or 11 players, you may, due to injury, end the game minus one player provided no legal replacement player is available. The injured player will default to an “auto out” in their designated position in the batting order.

Team captains may agree to waive the auto out rule during regular season games.  During playoffs the auto out rule must be applied.


If you begin a game with nine players, “auto out” is always placed at the bottom of the batting order. When the designated “auto out is scheduled to be at bat an out will be declared.

Upcoming Auto out must be announced before the prior batter stepping into the box to bat. Ex: auto out is batter 10, batter 9 must announce auto out is “on deck” prior to stepping into the box.

Exception: If the player directly prior to an “auto out” is walked, on any count, resulting in “auto out” being the third charged out of an inning, the auto out is waved, play continues with the next scheduled batter coming to bat.  The effect of this rule is that the defensive team cannot walk an offensive player to get to “auto out” to end the inning.

Team captains may agree to waive the auto out rule during regular season games.  During playoffs the auto out rule must be applied


Max 5 runners per game.  A runner can run maximum of 2 times per game.  Runner must be listed on the line-up card.


Team Cancellations: At least 48 hours notice must be given to the WWSPL ([email protected]) and LMS ([email protected]). Failure to give 48 hours’ notice may result in a default and a fine will be levied. 

Little Mountain Sportsplex Cancellations: In the case of inclement weather, please check the Little Mountain Sportsplex website, which is updated daily at 4:00 pm.  If no announcement for cancellation is made, teams are required to show up at the scheduled diamond at the appropriate time. Failure to show up may result in a default and a fine will be levied by the League.

Default:  A team is required to have a minimum of 9 players to start a game.  A 15 minute grace period will be permitted. If a team has nine players at the scheduled game time, the game must begin. If a team can not field a minimum 9 players they will default the game. The Default team will pay the umpire the total amount owing.  NOTE: for doubleheader games, each game shall have the above described “grace period” and that grace time will run consecutively.  If both games are defaulted the team may be levied a fine.

Forfeit: A forfeit is a game called by the umpire due to a team failing to meet its obligations.  Details of forfeit will be reviewed and forfeiting teams will be assessed a fine by WWSPL executive.

In the case of Defaults and Forfiets the defaulting/forfeiting team is responsible to pay the entire umpire fee for the games (ie: $60 for double header).


  • 2 Divisions
  • One seven inning game starting at 6:20 pm. (Only one game to be scheduled per night).
  • Seven run max per inning does apply (last inning open for both teams).
  • Mercy Rule does not apply.
  • Losing team can call the game starting after the 5th inning is complete, and anytime after that point. This is to be communicated directly to the umpire. The winning team will not contest this decision.
  • Rules about number of players in attendance, auto out can be waived. Discussions on these are to be held by the umpire with each captain separately.
  • All games played out until a winner is determined. International Rule in effect for extra innings.
  • Games may be suspended due to darkness.  Umpire to call last inning due to darkness.
  • No cancellations for any reason will be allowed during playoffs.
  • All other League rules apply.


WWSPL uses the SPN online system for waivers/rosters.  Maximum of 40 players per team.

If a player plays on more than one team (even for just one game) they need to be on each teams roster. This can be done on any device with an internet connection (ie: smartphones).

WWSPL does not enforce a minimum games played at this time.  All players must be on your SPN online waiver/roster to play.  This is the only way these players are insured!!


The members of the league executive volunteer their time.  We are a league run by the players for the players.  On game night these members of the executive are players.  Any concerns teams have are to be emailed to the league at [email protected].  Emails will be returned as quickly as possible (please remember we all have full-time jobs).

The executive consists of:

  • President: Correna Barthel
  • Vice-President: Lori Yanuska
  • Treasurer: Nicole Bouchard
  • Secretary: Brenda Yaworski


  • Team captains are encouraged to review the SPN Rule book each season (provided in team package)
  • SPN commitment line will be used for all divisions of play. 
  • Foul TIP any tip ball that is caught (regardless of height of tip ball) is a charged out.
  • Note the no swearing rule.  Umpires will issue a warning to both teams at first instance.  Outs may be issued at second instance.  Ejections may be issued at third instance.  Basically – keep it clean!